Entice sensations with exquisite flavours.

EL & N

Bringing a taste of London to Dubai.
Coffee created with passion and food that is elegant and modern. EL&N is one of the most Instagrammed destinations in the world, with Iconic flower walls, pink interiors and alternative lattes taking social media by storm.

Visit our website : www.elnlondon.co.uk

Roam the streets like never before.


Vintage look, modern experience.

Get the feel of yesteryear with modern performance in a unique package. We invite you to fall in love with the road again. Exotic textiles, carbon fiber/mono aluminum chassis and creature comforts mated with an unparalleled performance in tarmac management combine to bring an exclusive, exiting and passionate ride.

Visit our website : www.vanderhall.ae

Step into the future, now.


Step into the future, now.
At Blanford we thrive to bring the future-forward. We invest in unique ventures and we work to build groundbreaking startups that support our vision in establishing unforgettable experiences.

Opaala . #Live . Playdate . GoBrew

Visit our website : www.gobrew.com